DEC 4, 2013

4 methods to prevent vandals damaging your property

We visit countless customers at Homesecure that have been the victims of vandalism. Some are domestic customers, others are business owners that seem to be blighted by mindless acts of destruction. We’ll board and glaze broken windows with pleasure but wanted to share a few tips with you that could help to prevent vandalism in the first place.

  • Fit shutters: Roller shutters are a good way to prevent damage to glazing, you can pull them up in the morning when your business is opening and close them again at night. Sturdy and strong, the aluminium shutters will deter the most determined criminal, okay you might find the odd spot of graffiti on the front of the barriers but at least your windows will be well protected.  
  • Install higher fencing: Weak fencing is an open invite for thieves and criminals so install vandal-proof security fencing around the perimeter of your site. Higher, harder to climb fencing will keep yobs away from your property and it could be all you need to eliminate wanton acts of vandalism on your land.  
  • Use security services: Static guards and mobile security teams are useful if you want a physical presence when your business is closed for the evening. Guards can do tours of buildings, they’ll take note of any suspicious activity and take the appropriate action if anything is untoward. Patrols using guard dogs are popular, vandals tend to mend the error of their ways when a German Shepherd is bearing down on them with its fangs exposed.
  • Monitor your buildings: CCTV systems are clever today, you can monitor your buildings over the internet and keep a close eye on the business regardless of the location. Do a ‘virtual tour’ of your site from your laptop or check access areas from your mobile phone, let the police know if anything is untoward.   
Created on 4th December 2013
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