JAN 10, 2014

6 of the best glass cleaning tips

Have new glazing installed by the team at Homesecure and you don’t want dirt, grime or smudges spoiling the appearance of the glass. Keeping windows clean takes effort though, but some of these tricks of the trade should help you maintain pristine glass.

Try the traditional approach: Follow the lead of professional window cleaners and always use a squeegee and soapy water to remove grime from the glass.  Wet the windows first then use the squeegee from top to bottom to avoid smudges on the glass.

Buy a shop bought cleaner: Use a branded spray to clean the inside of glazing, a quick spurt with window cleaner followed by a wipe down with kitchen towel should leave your windows in fabulous condition. You don’t have to overdo it with the cleaner though, a light misting is all that is required.   

Mix a homemade cleaner: If you don’t want to buy a branded cleaner have a go at making your own solution at home. It’s easy to do, just mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of vinegar and pour the mixture into a plastic spray bottle. Mist the glass and wipe it clean using a fresh piece of kitchen towel.

Get at hard to reach areas: Have trouble reaching into the corner of window frames? Cotton buds or cotton wool balls are the solution in this instance. They’re good for hard to reach areas and they ensure you clean all sections of the glass without leaving dirt behind.

Wipe down woodwork: When you spill water onto frames wipe it up straight away using a clean, dry cloth. Don’t let the water settle, it could form spots or leave marks on the frame, avoid this by wiping up excess water.

Clean windows early morning: Wash your windows when it’s cooler in the morning, or give them a clean at dusk. Avoid washing the glass in the blazing sun, it’ll dry the water faster than you can wipe it and this will leave a few streaks.   

Created on 10th January 2014
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