AUG 18, 2015

Brilliant Glass Facts

As one of the UK’s leading experts on emergency glazing you could say we know quite a lot about glass here at Homesecure 24Hr Ltd. We specialise in emergency glazing in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Kettering, and always provide a fast, affordable solution to our clients.

Without glass we wouldn’t have a business.  That being the case, here are some amazing facts about this highly versatile product.

Fab Facts about Glass 

It’s brilliant for recycling

Glass is a truly amazing product if you have a vested interested in recycling. Clear glass bottles contain as much as 25% recycled materials whereas green glass bottles often contain anywhere up to 90%. Not only that, if you recycled 2 glass bottles this could save enough energy to power a computer for an average of 30 - 50 minutes, or boil enough water for 5 cups of tea.

It’s been around for years

Humans discovered ways to use glass many years ago. Go back thousands of years and early examples of glass making are evident. Items such as glass vessels were first formed around fifteenth century B.C in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

We use tons of the stuff

Guess how many glass bottles the average UK family gets through over the course of a year? 330 is the answer. All those sauces and jams, chutneys and wine bottles soon add up, spare a thought for this the next time you clink and chink your way to the recycling centre.  

Consumers like glass packaging

Research shows that consumers associate glass packaging with quality. Think about this for a minute. Compare a traditional glass sweet jar to a modern plastic version and which do you prefer? The glass option gets the thumbs up in the vast majority of cases.

Glass made Europe cleaner

It wasn’t until the 17th century that glass became cheap enough for people to use as a window material. The introduction of glass flooded natural light into properties and for the first time, residents realised just how dirty their homes were. By introducing glass, health and hygiene was vastly improved. You could say people finally saw the light thanks to glass!  

These are just a few of our fabulous facts about glass. Contact us here at Homesecure 24hr Ltd should you require emergency glaziers in Northampton or the surrounding areas.    

Created on 18th August 2015
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