SEP 23, 2016

Did You Know This About Glass?

It keeps your home warm, cascades light into the property and reduces outside noise, but how much do you actually know about glass? We all take it for granted but most of us have little knowledge when it comes to silica, or glass, as we more commonly refer to it. To put things straight, here are some points which should help to enhance your knowledge of glass.   

It contains soda and lime

Glass has a rather complex structure that actually contains trace elements of soda and lime. During the manufacturing process when silica ingredients are melted and cooled, they react with sodium carbonate (soda) and calcium oxide (lime) materials. This helps to produce the clear and even finish commonly associated with glazing.

Glass can be coloured with natural oxides

Coloured glass has been popular for centuries. Stained glass windows are common features in churches, whereas Venetian glass is well-known for being vibrant, colourful and extremely attractive.  The main centre of Venice’s glassmaking industry is the small Venetian island of Murano, renowned for producing some of the finest glass products around the world. They produce stunning glass products mixed with many different colours and it looks beautiful.   

Glass products are getting lighter

Thanks to technical improvements, items made from glass are now lighter but stronger than at any time in history. You will notice modern glass containers such as jars and bottles are still serving the exactly the same purpose they did centuries ago but don’t suffer from excess weight. 

Spectacles have been around for years       

When do you think people first started wearing glasses? It is believed that spectacles were first worn between 1268 and 1289 in Italy, with Salvino D’ Armate mentioned as the person credited as having invented them, although this has never actually been verified.

Glass has revolutionised the world

Without realising it, you benefit from glass products every single day but spare little time to appreciate this. From windows to wine glasses, mirrors to bottles, we all use items made from glass and benefit from it in some way. Imagine where the medical industry would be without glass beakers and test tubes. How would we learn about the stars and space in general without glass telescopes, or be able to read without a set of glasses?

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Created on 23rd September 2016
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