MAR 28, 2014

Double glazing – is it worth it?

When you first move into a home, there are a whole host of expenses. Initial bills, household appliances, furnishings and so on. You aren’t thinking about adding things like double glazing.

But here’s why you should be...

It saves energy

So yes, it’ll mean you have to spend money. But in the long run it can save you money. You can recoup the initial cost of the double glazing!

How? Well it’s said that when you swap single glazed windows with double, you can make saving of around £170 a year. And good double glazing can last for up to 20 years.

We’ll leave you to do the math.

It sound proofs

All those noisy cars flying past your house? The family across the street that like to blare music at 1am?

With double glazing they’ll be a problem of the past. It acts as a great sound barrier between you and the outside world!

It helps retain heat

In those bitterly cold winter months you’re going to want to keep all the heat in the house as you can. And with single glazing, this just won’t happen.

Double glazing is extremely effective when it comes to retaining heat. Remember, it’s not just the glass that constitutes towards heat retention though. It’s the casing the glass is in too.


Double glazing is much more secure than standard single. So if you’re worried about someone trying to gain access to your property through your windows, double glazing is definitely worth investing in.

So as you can see, double glazing is a worthy investment. And yes, it’ll cost you initially, but within a year or two you’ll have recouped the cost and been able to enjoy the benefits above! 

Created on 28th March 2014
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