FEB 20, 2014

Effective care tips for conservatories

Do you care about your conservatory? We provide a conservatory repair and refurbishment programme for various properties throughout the Midlands and it’s great to see our customers taking so much pride in their glazed extensions. Conservatory care isn’t difficult, if you find faults we’ll fix them, for the rest of the time simple cleaning is all that’s required. Try these ideas and keep your conservatory in great shape, we guarantee they’ll leave sparking results!

Exterior self-cleaning glass – If your conservatory is fitted with self-cleaning glass the maintenance on the exterior of the glass will be minimal. This style of glazing is designed to react with UV light and natural rain water normally cleans the glass. During long dry spells it’s not a bad idea to give the glass a quick hose down with water to help things along, use a soft bristled brush with soapy water to remove really stubborn stains.

Exterior standard glass – Telescopic pole systems are good for cleaning standard ranges of glass. They incorporate long hoses, lances and soft brushes, you simply stand at ground level and reach up to clean glass at the highest parts of the conservatory. You might want to apply a little detergent and use warm water to shift heavily engrained dirt.  

Interior glass – Clean interior glass as you would the other windows in your home, you can use warm soapy water and ‘squeegee’ dirt away or use specialist glass cleaners to keep the glazing spotless.

Frames – The inside and the outside of conservatories can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, dry them off afterwards with a soft cloth to prevent moisture retention.

Handles, hinges and window clasps – Wipe the hardware fitted to your conservatory with a damp cloth, dry them off afterwards and lightly oil hinges from time to time to keep them operating smoothly and squeak-free.

Follow this guide and your conservatory should be gleaming!

Created on 20th February 2014
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