OCT 27, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Triple Glazing

As the name suggests, triple glazing is a window containing three pain of glass, compared to one or two. There are many reported benefits of triple glazing, such as reduced noise pollution and increased energy efficiency. Double glazing has been shown to have significant improvements against single glazing, but this improvement is only seen over a long time. So is the change to triple glazing worth it?

‘u values’

The energy efficiency of windows is measured in with a u value’, and the lower this number, the more energy efficient a window is.

Single glazing tends to have a u value of 5, older double glazed windows 3 and newer double glazed windows have a u value of around 1.6, due to improved methods of double glazing. Modern double glazed windows optimise the window cavity by filling it with inert gas and aluminium ‘cool bridges’ or spacers.

Should I install triple glazing?

Scandinavia now install triple glazing as standard, with their u values around 0.8, a considerable improvement on the best available double glazing. New homes are being built with triple glazing, as it’s generally considered better than double glazing; however it still has a long payback period before you see any real benefits.

If you are already considering having new windows installed or building a new home, the advice would be to choose triple glazing. Triple glazing has other benefits, such as:

  • A reduction in noise pollution, making it ideal if you live near a busy road or in the city.
  • A reduction in condensation- due to the higher u value of double glazed windows compared to the walls of buildings, cold patches may appear. This problem is only made worse by modern wall insulation, as thicker and better insulation means that in comparison to the rest of the house, areas around windows become even colder. Triple glazing reduces the differences in u value between the building and windows, making it an excellent solution to the problem.

Other information

Remember that if you decide to get triple glazing, you will need to ensure you get well-insulated window frames, as this is where the majority of heat loss occurs. You can take additional measures to keep your windows energy efficient, such as using heavy curtains at night.


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Created on 27th October 2015
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