DEC 23, 2014

How to get warm in a cold conservatory

Find the right heat solution for a conservatory and you can enjoy the comfort of this room throughout the year regardless of how cold it gets during the winter.  Even on the coldest winter days you can make a conservatory toasty warm, try one of these heat solutions to make things nice and cosy.

Extend the central heating system

The first and most obvious solution to a lack of heat inside a conservatory is to tap into your existing heating supply. Run pipes from the current system straight into the conservatory and fit a radiator on any available wall space, this should provide plenty of warmth once the central heating is switched on. This option can be a little intrusive though. Depending on the design of the conservatory it might not be practical to install wall mounted radiators. If you think it’ll be a problem other solutions might be more suitable.

Use under floor heating

One slightly less intrusive way to heat a conservatory is to install under floor heating within the room. Ideally you should do this when the conservatory is being built although there’s nothing stopping you from fitting it afterwards.  Under floor heating provides ample heat and this really is the out of sight but not out of mind option. Turn on the heating and the flooring becomes warm and comfortable, gently raising the temperature of the entire room.    

Try fan heaters

Small fan heaters produce a fair amount of heat and they’re good options if you want to take the chill out of the room. Fan heaters are quick to warm up and they target certain areas of the room, this makes them a popular option with many people. Turn them off though and all that lovely heat quickly disappears.  Some people swear by them whilst others need slightly more convincing, they’re cheap to buy and that makes them a worthwhile proposition.   

How about oil-filled radiators?

This is another good choice for a conservatory. Oil filled radiators are mounted on castor wheels so you can position them where you like inside the room. They take a while to warm up though and can be hot to the touch so you need to be extra careful when they are being used. However, they do retain their heat when you turn them off and come with thermostat settings so shut down when the right temperature has been reached. 

Pull on woolly jumpers

Finally, what’s wrong with a good old fashioned jumper to keep those winter chills at bay? Put a heavy lambswool sweater on and enjoy all that fleecy warmth. The conservatory might feel cold but you’ll feel nice and warm wrapped up in chunky woolly garments.  

Use one or a combination of these options to stay warm in your conservatory this winter. Should you require conservatory repairs at any time, ring for a no-obligation quote, or simply get in touch online.

Created on 23rd December 2014
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