AUG 29, 2014

How to make your home warmer this winter

Winter is fast approaching and so we’re all on the hunt for new ways to make our home a little warmer. The cold bite often makes winter the worst time of year for most, but making your home warmer isn’t hard to do.

Read our top tips on how to keep your house warm when there’s a nip in the air.

  • Keep radiators uncluttered: One of the easiest ways to block the passage of heat from radiators is to place sofas, chairs or large items of furniture in front of them. You can’t complain if you have ‘trapped’ all your radiators and a room feels cold, they need to remain clutter-free to operate efficiently.
  • That means clothes too! It’s hard to dry clothes over the winter months so it’s tempting to place clothes directly onto radiators. Try to get out of this habit if you can, use a clothes maiden if you have to and place items near to but not on the radiator to ensure heat doesn’t get trapped.
  • Adjust the valves on the radiators: If you use some rooms more than others why not adjust the valves on the radiators so you keep the rooms you occupy warm and the ones you don’t use cold? It’ll improve the efficiency of your central heating and you’ll feel lovely and warm at the same time.
  • Plug draughts and leaks: If there are draughts in your property you are bound to feel cold no matter how efficient your central heating us. Get the system power flushed by all means but seal gaps around your windows and purchase draught excluders for your doors to deter currents of air. Take simple steps to winter-proof your home and could make all the difference when the temperature starts to drop.
  • Double glazing: Every home loses heat through walls and windows. What you need to do is reduce this loss. Good insulation is everything here and double glazing is a key part of it. Many double glazing products can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home, not only helping keep heat in but reducing your bills too.  Here at Boarding Up & Glazing we can help you install double glazing throughout your property before winter comes! 
Created on 29th August 2014
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