MAY 22, 2014

Our top security tips for your glazing

Your home security is important. It’s the place you’re supposed to feel comfortable and store your most valuable goods, but that also means it’s a hot target for burglars.

And one of their favourite points of entry?

Your window.

We’ve put together a few tips on how to better protect your windows and make sure that no one gains entry to your property.

Keep them closed

Sounds obvious, but burglars are always on the lookout for an open window. Before you leave the house, check each window to make sure it’s closed. And be careful in summer, it might be tempting to leave your window open to cool the house down, but it’s the time of year burglars know they’re most likely to get into a property.

Double glazing

A burglar’s always keeping their eye out for an easy property to invade. And if they notice that yours has single glazing, it won’t take much more to persuade them to give your property a try. By upgrading to double glazing you’re safeguarding yourself from burglars looking at your house as an easy goal.

Get in touch with us here at Boarding up & Glazing and we can talk about the glazing options available to you and the security features they offer.

Lock them up

Most people don’t often think of the locking feature on their windows.

Burglars sometimes like to enter a property through one area, like your door, and exit at another. Like your window.

Make life difficult for them and lock each window in the property. Sure, it’s one more thing to do before bed or before you head out, but it could mean that you catch the thief red handed.

Window film

Some people choose to add window films to their homes for added security. These films aren’t easily seen by anyone walking past but help hold the glass together should anyone try and smash it. It makes entering a property through a broken window a tough job.

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Created on 22nd May 2014
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