OCT 29, 2014

Our top six tips for protecting your car at home

Many of us rely heavily on our car and find it difficult to imagine life without it. But how many precautions do you take to ensure that it’s safe? Car theft always seems to be on the up, so we’ve put together our top sixtips to guarantee that your car is safe at home.

Always lock it up – Locking your car up every time you nip into the shop might seem like a lot of effort. But it only takes a car thief seconds to get the engine started, so always lock it up.

Take your keys – If you forget to take your keys out the ignition your car is going to be stolen. The same goes for leaving it idling!

Remove valuables – When you pull up to your house after work, you might think to leave the laptop in there. You’re going to need it at work tomorrow anyway. Don’t. It’s like turning your vehicle into a shop window for thieves.

Add antitheft devices – Kit your car out with everything you can think of to deter thieves. Alarms, steering columns, and tracking systems are all enough to make a car thief think twice.

Shut all windows – It might be tempting on a hot summers day to leave you car windows open while it sits on your drive; let some air in. But this again is asking for you vehicle to be stolen. Ensure all the windows (sunroof included) are shut.

Keep it in a garage – If your car sits on your drive at home, it means anyone walking by can see it. Which is good if you’re showing off your fancy new wheels. But remember, you’re showing it off to potential thieves too. Keep it locked up in a garage when you’re not out and about in it. Car thieves don’t often bother with garages. We can help arrange a locksmith come to your property and equip your garage doors with state of the art locks to ensure that no thief ever touches your car. 

Created on 29th October 2014
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