JUN 27, 2016

Read This For Domestic Door and Window Safety

Windows and doors are potential weak spots around your property so are you making them as safe as they can be? Snap into action if not, double check you are following these safety guidelines and fit these safety measures if you haven’t already done so. 

Fit insurance approved locks

Don’t leave your doors vulnerable to attack. Sturdy modern Yale locks and Mortice locks will deter the most determined burglar. Fit approved locking systems to make your doors as sturdy as possible and let them provide the highest level of security. If your locks need to be replaced use an approved locksmith like Homesecure 24HR Ltd.   

Fit solid timber doors

Think about fitting a solid timber door to the front and rear of your property. Not only will this last for years, it’ll make it so much harder for thieves to break into your property. Combine a solid wooden door with mortice locks made to British Kitemark Standards and this is quite a formidable partnership.  

Add latches and safety chains

To further enhance security at your property install door chains, latches and spyholes so you can see who is knocking at your door before you open it. Door chains and latches are great safety mechanisms, you can slip them into place and check the identity of callers to your property by only opening the front door a few inches.  

Lock windows when leaving the property   

Always close and lock windows before you are leaving your property. This is especially important with downstairs windows that are easy to reach and simple to climb through. Leave them open and this could be too tempting for a burglar. You could get a nasty shock when you return from the shops.  

Have a review of your home security paying close attention to windows and doors. If you think you need to update security around your house, our locksmith services could be useful so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Homesecure 24HR Ltd.   

Created on 27th June 2016
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