MAR 24, 2015

Save cash with affordable sash window repairs

Sash windows look stunning on period properties but they can start to show signs of age after a while. At this point you’ll be tempted to replace the windows to smarten up the look of your property but with a little TLC they’ll soon look as good as new.

Sash window repairs are one of our specialties at Homesecure 24hr Ltd and to put you in the picture we thought we’d highlight some of the updates you can make to restore those frames to their former glory.  

Before we do that though, here are some of the more obvious signs your windows need replacing.

1. Windows rattle

Rattling windows are a sure sign of wear and tear, they often let in draughts. If your windows rattle, clatter and wobble around in the frame it’s a good time to refurbish them.

2. Rotten sills

The frames and sills on the windows show signs of disrepair. This not only looks unsightly it spoils the appearance of the frames and has a negative impact on your home.

3. Windows are hard to open

If you struggle opening or shutting window frames this is sure sign of warping. Sticking windows are a nuisance and they prevent the frames opening properly.

4. Outside noise is noticeable

Excessive noise from outside your property is another sign that sash windows are due for an upgrade. If your windows let in dirt, dust and noise in from the outside you might want to pay them special attention.          

5. Window cords badly worn

Sash window cords wear after a period of time. Sometimes they break due to excessive force being placed upon them. If the cords on your windows are worn or they need replacing, this is another service that can be performed during a window overhaul.   

These are just some of the causes of sash window problems. Thankfully you don’t have to be an expert to know when you need to give your windows special attention. These repairs might include:  

  • Overhaul or replacement of sash cords
  • Adjustment or service of the weighting mechanism
  • Repair of sash joints
  • Replace catches
  • Install new glazing
  • Prep, fill, prime and paint frames

We complete all kinds of sash window repairs at Homesecure 24hr Ltd so contact us if your frames require special attention. 

Created on 24th March 2015
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