APR 28, 2015

Securing your conservatory – everything you need to know

Conservatories are the most popular option for anyone looking to add a little more space to their home. But conservatories are also a popular target for thieves on the hunt for an easy break-in.

That’s why homeowners should take a little more time organising security for their conservatory.

But what does that mean? What do you have to do to make it as secure as your home?

Find a reputable installer – More often than not, a security weakness in a conservatory will be a result of poor construction. Take your time when looking for a conservatory installer and make sure that they have plenty of good reviews.

Toughed glass – Make sure that your new conservatory has toughed glass. This will make it a much less attractive prospect for any would-be thief. It also means that if there’s glass on the roof and you need to climb up there to clean, you’ll be safer too.

Beading – Some conservatories are built with external beading. This means a thief could simply remove the beading and then the window, gaining access to your property. You need internal beading to ensure that this doesn’t happen – you can also get laminated safety glass, making your conservatory even more secure.

Repairs – If a burglar spots a damaged area of your conservatory, they could use this vulnerable area to gain access. That’s why you should have any damage repaired as soon as it becomes obvious. Here at Boarding Up & Glazing we can offer conservatory repairs, helping you keep your property secure.

Locks – Make sure that all access points like windows and doors feature high security locks. These locks will deter thieves from attempting a break in .

Technology – It’s also a good idea to install alarms and CCTV, making them obvious to the thief. They won’t want to try and break into a property that seems to have comprehensive security technology installed.

Secure your conservatory with our easy tips today. And remember – have any damage you spot repaired immediately. 

Created on 28th April 2015
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