AUG 25, 2016

Should You Buy Curtains or Blinds for Your New Windows?

So, you’ve just had your new windows installed and want to make the most of them. The question is, do you go for blinds or curtains? The correct decision is largely based on whereabouts you plan to install your new window furnishings and what you want from them.

Venetian and vertical blinds

Whilst vertical blinds are pretty self-explanatory – they have vertical slats, Venetian blinds have horizontal slats, and they’re both usually made from wood, aluminium or plastic. Typically, Venetian blinds work really well for small and medium sized windows and vertical blinds are perfect for larger windows.


  • Slatted blinds take up far less space than curtains
  • You control how much light and heat is let in or out
  • Suit a wide range of furnishings and colour schemes


  • Collect dust very quickly and easily
  • Light sometimes leaks through even when they’re closed
  • Can’t retain heat as well as heavy curtains
  • Individual slats are prone to bending or breaking, especially if they’re made from plastic and aluminium


Roman and roller blinds

Like vertical blind, roller blinds have a self-explanatory name. When not in use, the sheet of fabric rolls up out the way. The single sheet of the blind can be coated in a black-out fabric for a great night’s sleep. Roman blinds are very similar, except they have slats inside the fabric.


  • More efficient than slatted blinds or curtains at blocking out light
  • Take up less space than curtains
  • Don’t need to be regularly cleaned


  • Can be difficult to clean if made from certain materials
  • Can prevent some windows from opening



Curtains provide privacy, allow you to block out light and keep in heat. They’re brilliant for making your window into a feature in its own right. You can choose curtains in every colour and thickness, from sheer, decorative curtains, to thick, heavy curtains.


  • Look great and draw attention to your new windows
  • Are the most efficient at keeping in heat in the winter
  • Countless colours and patterns
  • Perfect for hide and seek


  • Take up more space than blinds
  • At risk of mould and staining if installed in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Too perfect for hide and seek!
Created on 25th August 2016
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