APR 25, 2014

The Benefits of Toughed Glass

The injuries caused by shattered glass cannot be ignored. Once broken, glass shards pose a serious threat to safety. Suitable injury prevention needs to be considered. Toughed and laminated glass has increased durability and hence reduces the risk of accidents occurring.

Toughened glass and its uses

The quality of toughened glass is renowned. Schools, commercial buildings, and hospitals across the UK have taken the decision to install reinforced glazing solutions. Safety requirements must be met and reinforced glazing more than meets all governmental stipulations.

Standard safety requirements for safety glass

All safety glass must conform to BS6206 safety requirements. The BS specifications outline three distinct categories for impact resistance. Categorised A, B and C glazing must absorb an impact of weight without breaking, or break safely without the danger posed by shards. For glazing to be awarded a Class A safety standard it must be able to resist an impact of 45kg and those classified in the B and C categories have a slightly reduced weight absorption capacity. Any projects which require a more stringent glazing safety measure must conform to relevant European safety standards.

What you need to know about toughened glass

Four or five times more effective than float glazing solutions, toughened glazing is preferred in public buildings across the UK. As outlined previously toughened glazing is preferred to traditional glass for its increased durability. If broken the glass fragments are considered harmless, and unlikely to cause injury. Toughened glass meets with the strictest Class A criteria and is suitable for use in structural double glazing when the glass is fixed by bolts or clamps.

Manufactured by heating prepared and processed glass sheets to a temperature of 700 degrees Celsius, which softens the glass sheet the sheets are then rapidly cooled resulting in the outer surface contracting and solidifying before the interior of the glass. This increases the tensile strength of the glass and reduces the possibility of breakages.

Toughed glass is an excellent solution to eradicating fractious and potentially dangerous glazing solutions throughout a wealth of environments.

Created on 25th April 2014
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