MAY 27, 2015

Top Five Lock Changing Reasons

Own a home and security is important. You work hard to furnish the property and spend a small fortune on possessions or goods, so it’s no wonder you worry about the safety of the dwelling in your absence.

Changing locks is a good way to strengthen security at the property, but why else would you want to pay a locksmith to replace the existing security measures at your home?

We’ve had a good think at Homesecure 24hr Ltd and these five reasons spring to mind.   

1. Lost Keys

Lose a set of house keys and it’s pretty hard not to worry.  There’s always a niggling doubt in your mind that someone might have found your keys, know where you live and plan to pay you a visit sometime, without receiving an invite. For peace of mind the best solution in this instance is to change the locks, lost keys could come back to haunt you if you don’t. 

2. Security Upgrade

How secure is your home? If the locks are feeble and fail to conform to the latest security standards, you should consider upgrading them. Security advancements are another good reason to replace and update the locks at your property, add durable home protection devices and you sleep sounder at night. 

3. Bought a new house

Move into a new property and it’s not a bad idea to replace the existing locks. Property owners have the habit of cutting numerous spare sets of keys, which they give to a variety of people, so you’ll never know how many people have access to your home.  Move home and get the locks replaced as soon as you can.

4. Split from ex

Splitting with partners can be a painful process. If the split is amicable you are lucky, in most instances, love quickly turns to hate. When an ex leaves the property and you want to retain your privacy and safety, new locks give plenty of reassurance.   

5. Fitted a new door

A new door is a good home improvement, not only does it improve the appearance of your property, it also strengthens the security measures at the same time. Most homeowners don’t just change the door though. They swap the locks as well, and beef up security around the property this way.

These are five of the most common reasons to change locks within a property. If you require this type of service, get in touch, we’ll give you a competitive quote.  

Created on 27th May 2015
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