JUL 28, 2014

What burglars look out for when targeting a home

Many people put becoming a victim of burglary down to bad luck, but chances are, you’ve become a victim because a burglar spotted a weakness to your property.

Thankfully, you can turn your home into an unappealing prospect to burglars. And here’s how.

Cut back foliage – Burglars don’t like to be seen on their approach or while breaking a window. If there’s overgrown shrubs or trees they can hide behind while breaking in, they’ll have a go. So cut it all back and purchase motion sensitivity lights so that you know when someone is creeping through your back yard.

Shut your windows – In the midst of summer it’s tempting to leave windows open while you pop out to the shops, but if a burglar sees that you aren’t in and your windows are open, they’re going to gain access. Even if you’ve just left the window slightly open, don’t underestimate how determined a burglar will be to get into your property.

Don’t run the risk, shut your windows.

Don’t advertise – You’ve just bought a new TV, it’s massive. You want your neighbours to see it so you place it in the front room right next to the window. But if your neighbours can see it, so can a burglar. Don’t advertise your expensive items like it’s a shop window. If a burglar sees that the home is packed with valuable items, they’ll do whatever they can to get in there.

Make it look like you’re home – If a burglar detects that you’re going to be away for a long time, then they’re probably going to take time to find gaps in your security. So make sure they don’t know you’re on holiday. Give keys to an trusted neighbour so that they can come in, turn lights on and off, open curtains etc.

You don’t want a burglar to suspect you’re on holiday.

Security – Put as many security measures in place as you can and make sure that they’re visible. If a burglar sees a lot locks, an alarm system, and CCTV they aren’t going to bother to try and break in.

Don’t make your home appealing to burglars. Do they above and you won’t have any trouble. 

Created on 28th July 2014
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